Hi, I’m Chance Lindner and I started Chance For Hope for my awesome mother Mary and to celebrate her surviving breast cancer, so I cut my hair, dyed it Neon Pink and The Pink Mohawk was created! and now we use it every day to further breast cancer awareness!

I was born in the Freezer of America otherwise known as Minnesota, although a very beautiful land (If you’re looking out a window from somewhere heated!) it’s very cold…Oh You Betcha Cold!

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The Most Beautiful Woman
in the World to Me is My
Mother Mary who is my inspiration in many ways.

My Mother Mary is a Happy Strong 14 Year Breast Cancer Survivor that considers herself fortunate that she only needed a lumpectomy as her cancer was found quickly during an annual mammogram visit.

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Got a great picture you want to share?  Email it to me at thepinkmohawk@gmail.com